About our Kindergarten

I am a mother of two daughters, a preschool education teacher, a speech therapist at the Krakow School of Speech Therapy and the founder of the Little Einstein Academy. My education and, above all, my mother’s role helped me to create a unique environment that I could not find in any other sites in Krakow whilst looking for a kindergarten for my own daughter.

I cordially invite all children whose parents want to take part in a new dimension of development and education in the field of preschool education.

The Academy of Little Einsteins is a network of family, intimate and modern kindergartens. It guarantees to you that the place I created is friendly to every child.  We are focused on the personal and comprehensive development of every one of our pupils.

We would highly recommend that to get a real feel for our kindergarten, you would be best to come and see for yourself !

Our Kindergarten Manager would be delighted to give you guided tour , introduce you to our staff and answer any questions you may have.

Why choose us?


Learning the language at the Academy is primarily an emphasis on cooperation and communication. Our task is to stimulate your child’s interest in learning English, to raise awareness of foreign language, and to educate behaviors that are conducive in later educational stages.

Daily English language classes are held only in English using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method by a professional school accredited by the Malopolska School Superintendent of Education.

At the request of parents, we can also organize teachers and language classes in other foreign languages.

Understanding the World, People and Communities

The main goal of the Academy is to awaken curiosity to the world. We want to prepare our pupils for continuing their education in the best schools. Teach them how to engage within the group and be a good colleague and student. Our classes prepare your child for a finer start at school.

We run a series of workshops in which we learn about our cultural differences and traditions. Our children come from different countries. This cultural diversity encourages wider range of skills.

A healthy lifestyle

The Academy promotes a healthy lifestyle. Breakfast, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners are provided by the best cuisine. Meals are balanced and made from fresh and natural products. Food in the academy is healthy, balanced, tasty and interestingly served. All meals are prepared by a dietitian. To Fast Foods and unhealthy snacks, we say firm no!

We adhere to philosophies there is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing or smog.

Daily outdoor activities in your own gardens and playgrounds. Once a week, swimming lessons.

Positive and warm relationships

Positive and warm relationships with teachers are crucial for us. We want every child in the academy to feel confident and have the chance to grow to their full potential. Therefore, each interaction is based on caring relationships, respectfulness and recognition of the feelings of children and their families.

Every day our qualified staff are conducting educational, sensory, speech therapy, art, travel, and exercise classes.


The health and safety of children is the most important thing for us.  There is an antibacterial gel feeder next to each room.

Toilets are also equipped with certified toilet gels for cleaning toilet seats.

At the Academy we have two certified HEPA air purifiers that continuously filter the air. Air is also ionized overnight.


We create small groups of children focusing on the individuality and development of the child. We see every preschooler, as a competent student who is capable and willing to discover and try new things in his own way. We focus our activities on children helping them develop individual attitudes to learning.

Modernity, innovation

We rely on established programs from all over Europe. We look at other institutions and draw on their experience to best prepare your children for further education. We are open to children from all over the world and different cultures.

Each room and garden is equipped with surveillance CCTV cameras,  allowing constant observation of children for parents. We have nothing to hide.


Each cabinet hides a great adventure. The Academy is equipped with certified, safe, and colorful toys. Every child will find something for themselves here.

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