Activities - Akademia Reduta

Additional classes - included in the tuition fee

The principle of the Academy is to work in small groups, 6-8 people.

Speech therapy class

  • Speech therapy is based on the Krakow School of Speech Therapy program – Ph.D. Jagoda Cieszyńska.
  • The aim of the course is for each of our pupils to use fluent, beautiful and pure Polish.
  • Learning to read with the simultaneous-sequential method.
  • Reaching the next stages in the development of all cognitive functions by children.

Art classes

  • Diverse forms and techniques of art.
  • The aim of the course is to develop manual skills, spatial imagination, developing the ability to focus and perseverance in bringing your work to completion.

“Creative dirtying” sensory classes

  • A special type of art class.
  • They support the independence and creativity of preschoolers.
  • Different techniques to stimulate all senses.
  • Different textures, forms, colors and flavors are used for this purpose.
  • They support the development and perfection of fine motor skills.
  • They help in learning to write.

Zumba and Latino dance classes

  • Positive impact on motor, emotional, intellectual, and social development.
  • Classes are held in the form of fun.
  • Participating in creating interesting choreographies.

Gymnastic classes

  • Prevention of posture defects.
  • Builds excellent coordination of mind and body
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Group work in fun environment

We explore the world – travel workshops

  • A series of travel workshops thanks to which our preschoolers can reach even the most distant corners of the world!
  • Children learn foreign customs, traditions, culture, music, costumes, and experience many other items brought from around the world.
  • Workshops stimulate children’s curiosity about the world, develop creativity and motivate to learn foreign languages.

Movement, speech, and music therapy classes

  • Correct motion movements (walking, running),
  • Shaping movement memory, spatial orientation, and static coordination,
  • Exercise for muscle relaxation and tension,
  • Developing a sense of body position in relation to space,
  • Improving speech organs.

Swimming lesson classes

Once a week we organize bus trips to the swimming pool, where under the watchful eye of instructors, children take part in safe and effective swimming lessons through fun and play.